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Muslim World League launches humanitarian projects in Ghana

Author: Thu, 2019-07-04 00:57

GHANA: Muslim World League (MWL) Secretary-General Dr. Mohammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa has launched development and pastoral projects in Ghana with the support of government and religious figures.

He participated in the MWLs International Festival of Orphans. This was attended by thousands of orphans at El Wak Stadium, alongside the Ghanaian minister of gender, child and social protection, where Al-Issa announced MWLs sponsorship of thousands of orphans and the establishment of a vocational and technical center dedicated to them.

“This comes as part of the huge program implemented by the MWL in Africa to support the continents affected, poor and victims of crises and disasters without any religious, ethnic or political discrimination,” MWL spokesperson, Abdulwahab bin Mohammed Al-Shehri said. “It covers projects to provide fresh water, food baskets, medical services, orphan care and mosques that benefit the continents Muslims.”

“The MWL gives special importance to orphans, considered one of the most vulnerable categories and subject to various problems particularly in poor societies due to the absence of one or both parents. That is why the MWL launched its international humanitarian project, through which it provides thousands of orphans from numerous countries with support and financial, health, social and educational care.”

“The MWL became one of the most prominent international actors concerned with water after it dug thousands of wells, set up water networks, provided purification plants and organized programs to raise awareness about the importance of water resources.”

“In this framework, Al-Issa inaugurated a project to supply a large portion of deprived people with fresh water, where they previously had to travel long distances to bring drinkable water,” Al-Shehri said.

“He also inaugurated one of the largest mosques built by the MWL to serve thousands of Muslims in Ghana before launching the medical campaign to combat eye diseases, which aims at treating hundreds of beneficiaries in the framework of a project to fight blindness in Africa,” Al-Shehri said.

These projects are a continuation of the MWLs series of programs and initiatives in Africa. They generate from its belief in its global humanitarian role and to strengthen its Read More – Source


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