If you want to take your games night up a level, you can get Louis Vuitton Jenga for £2,600

Fancy (Picture: Louis Vuitton)

You may have every edition of Monopoly under the sun (Lion King Monopoly, a voice-controlled version, bleak Monopoly for millennials), but your games night isnt truly bougie until you invest in some fancy jenga.

Handily enough, you no longer need to supply your own gold bars to create a makeshift version of the game. Louis Vuitton is now selling their own version of remove blocks from a stack without them all crashing down.

Or, as they call it, a Monogram Tower.

Louis Vuittons version of the game is comprised of plexiglass blocks each plastered with motifs from the labels logo – the little LV, the monogram flower, and so on.

Theyre quite aesthetically pleasing in shades of red, pink, and blue, and come with their own plexiglass box to cart them around in.

The entire set costs HK$25,700 (£2,623), which does make us worry that itd be too posh to play with.

Louis Vuitton Jenga MONOGRAM TOWER
The tower comes with its own case (Picture: Louis Vuitton)

But we suppose that if you have enough money to spend thousands on a snazzy version of a game, you probably wont be bothered if one of the pieces gets a bit grimy.



We wouldnt trust it with any kids, though. Think of their dirty fingers leaving marks on all that plexiglass.

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Louis Vuitton says, however, that their vibrant Monogram Tower is a whimsical gift to deligRead More – Source

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