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What We Are Playing Today: BTS World

Author: Sat, 2019-06-29 00:22

The K-pop band, BTS, has a special bond with their fans.

Fans know the personalities of each member and BTS accommodate them. The band genuinely love their fans, which can be seen in the surprise gifts they send out.

Now BTS are giving fans another experience they will not forget — a game called “BTS World,” and it is all over the internet.

In the game you, a fan girl or fan boy, are on your way to a BTS concert, and due to an interesting turn of events find yourself in 2012, which is the year BTS was formed. You are tasked to find all seven members of BTS, bring them together and take the role of their manager.

The game connects you to BTS in a way that no one thought was possible; you receive texts from the boys and phone calls.

You comfort them in their tough times, jump in to arguments, make peace and basically live a fans dream through your mobile screen.

If you are a fan, which almost everyone is at that point and for good reason, the song will warm your heart and put you in a gooRead More – Source


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