Avengers theory suggests Endgame re-release will finally feature Fox characters crossover

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What will the re-release uncover? (Picture: Marvel)

With the upcoming re-release of Avengers: Endgame people are wondering what on earth could be buried within to impress the punters.

The epic, that was originally released in April is set to return to the cinemas once more with a bunch of unreleased scenes in an extended edition.

While many fans are of the thought dont fix it if it isnt broken others are now theorising on the idea we may get some presents in the form of some Easter eggs or better yet – a glimpse into the fourth phase.

Endgame neglected to share with us the famous post-credits scene that other Marvel movies blessed us with, so there is many a theory this may come about in the second spin.

And what better way to celebrate the re-release than with a hint of the acquisition of Foxs comic entities now under the Disney banner, that will merge a bunch of characters not seen in the Avengers palaver as of yet.



Like, according to one Reddit punter, the Fantastic Four, whose introduction into this realm is well overdue (especially with MCU boss Kevin Feige dropping all the hints recently).

X men characters in Marvel

Caption: Marvel drops major hints about X-Men and Fantastic Fours future
Providers: Marvel Studios/ Rex

One user, u/FiveFingeredKing, believes this scene will begin where the end of the credits of Endgame left off, which was, instead of the classic scene, the sound of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) clanging together Iron Mans initial suit.

The original theatrical run had just the sound of hammering as a call back all the way to Tony in the very first MCU movie and symbolised what Marvel has forged since then. I think that this sound will still be present in the new end credits scene but there will something new. Fading in during the hammering will be a metal mask which will look suspiciously like a certain famous villain, they said.

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According to their theory, itll actually be a pair of hands hammering together a mask – those hands turning out to be Victor Von Doom, cementing the Fantastics foray into the MCU.



He is a human villain so if done right audiences will be able to sympathise with him. He is a genius intellect, a king, practices magic, and is tied to the fantastic 4, the theory continued. This will allow him to interact with Marvels technology focused heroes – Shuri, the Iron Family and the Ant-Family. He can interact with our royal heroes like Black Panther and Namor. Act as a rival for Doctor Strange & co as well as play around in the cosmic pool.

By including the metal mask, Marvel would tie past and future together with the sound clip and create a ton of excitement foRead More – Source

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