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Yemen: Floods – Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF n° MDRYE007

Description of the disaster

Since the mid of May, Yemen has experienced heavy rainfall in different parts of the country, causing widespread floods, which have been reported since the second week of June and required immediate assistance. According to the latest assessments, conducted from 11 June, at least twelve governates have been affected: Aden, Marib, Taiz, Hajja, Ibb, Al Bayda, Al Jawf, Dahmer, Rhymah, Lahj Hadramaut and Saada.

According to the preliminary information, on 17 June, from the National Authority for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Recovery (NAMCHA), 80,000 people, including Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and the host families, have been affected by the flash floods.

Among them, Hajja, Aden, Lahj and Marib are the main areas with IDPs camps being affected along with the local communities.

According to NAMCHA reports at least three persons are killed, and five children are still missing. The population in the affected areas have lost their livelihoods, essential assets and belongings. The humanitarian actors have serious concerns about the possible deterioration of the health situation due to the current cholera outbreak. A summary of the impact of the flood is given below.

In Hajja, the authorities report that over 8,025 families have been affected in five districts. Hajja is the most affected governorate so far. Information from partners on the ground indicates that over 500 host families and 3,2005 IDP families have been affected in the two districts of Abs and Khayran Al Muharak.

In Aden, approximately 1,321 displaced families have been affected in twelve areas of the city. The most affected people are in the mountains of Badri, Khasaf and Tawila, in the district of Crater. In Aden, IOM reports that the 22 May Stadium, where about 3,000 migrants are housed, has been affected by the floods. On 13 June, rains and strong winds led to power outages for the entire city of Aden. This damage has since been restored. Transportation routes were also affected, including damage to a key bridge connecting all eight districts of Aden.

Lahj, Taiz, Hadramaut, Abyan and Marib have also been affected by heavy rain and flooding. In Lahj, 1,385 displaced families were affected in Tuban District. In Taiz, three persons were killed, and five children are missing, 315 families are affected at five sites in Ash Shamayatayn and Al Maafer Districts. In Hadramaut, 35 families are affected at several sites in As Shihir, Al Mukalla and Al Abr Districts. In Abyan Governorate, 243 families were affected in the IDP settlements in Al Qods village, Khanfir District6 . In Marib, 600 families have been affected in the IDP camps.

The reports from Ibb, Al Bayda and Al Jawf Governorates mentions that people have also lost houses, crops and livestock. In Ibb Governorate, 57 families have been affected in Al Sabrah, Al Saddah and Ibb Districts. In Al Baydha Governorate 45 families are affected by the flood in three districts. In Al Jawf Governorate, 75 families are affected in Rajuzah District. In Dhamar Governorate, 101 families were affected. The least affected governorate was Raymah (seven families).

Authorities in Al Dhalee, Al Mahara and Socotra Governorates reported no significant impact but the Governors office in Shabwah confirmed that some roads have been temporarily cut off by flash floods.

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