The flamingo Instagram pose is so effortless and sexy even Beyonce does it

Let queen Bey show you how (Picture: Instagram)

Beyonce could pose in a bin bag and she would nail the pose, the angle, everything.

The superstar is a lover of the flamingo, a posing trend loved by Instagrammers worldwide. Kendall Jenner, Winnie Harlow, Ciara, and Dua Lipa are some of the other celebrities also showing off the look.

Much like a flamingo which stands on one leg, the stars are bending one knee with their weight on the other and the results are cute.

Like Kendall, Winnie also shared the bird theme, opting for a pink dress while lifting one leg and crossing it over towards the other.

So next time youre at a bougie place and dont know how to pose, let the flamingo look of the stars inspire you.

Just say Beyonce taught you how.

Beyonce standing against the wall with one leg up
Its that easy (Picture: Instagram)

Unlike the birds who inspired the pose, you wont have to balance for four hours (flamingos are pretty spectacular creatures).



The flamingo only requires balancing on one leg for about ten seconds (unless your friends are horrible photographers) and gives you legs for days if you expertly cross over the suspended knee towards the other.

Singer Dua Lipa and Love Islands Cally Jane Beech are a fan while actress Eva Longoria also nailed the trend while showing off her yoga moves on Instagram.

Kendall Jenner posing against balcony
Kendall is really channelling the flamingo vibes (Picture: Instagram)

If you stan a pose that makes your legs look good, you might also be into Barbie feet which includes pretending like youre wearing high heels.

The simple trick has the benefit of elongating your legs in pictures (which always comes in handy) as well as giving you something to do with your body rather than just awkwardly folding your arms.

Those who struggle with what to do with their arms might be into the strandid – grabbing a few strands of hair and pulling away from it.

Hurrah, no more awkward Insta pics.

Here are all the other stars rocking the pose:

Eva Longorio doing the flamingo
Eva Longoria has incorporated it into her yoga routine (Picture: Instagram)
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