Ramos marries in Galactico wedding ‘like no other’

Seville – Sergio Ramos, the Real Madrid captain, married Spanish TV presenter Pilar Rubio in Seville on Saturday in a 'Galactico' wedding that he said would be "like no other" although he was coy on whether AC/DC were playing.

The crowd, who had gathered at Seville's famous 16th century cathedral to watch the many celebrity guests arrive, were delirious at the sight of ex-Real player David Beckham and his wife and former pop star Victoria, former and current La Liga stars Jordi Alba, Luka Modric, Keylor Navas, Roberto Carlos and Alvaro Morata, as well as matador El Cordobes.

The 33-year-old Ramos, who is from a suburb of Seville, arrived wearing a dark three-piece suit in a discrete check pattern, on the arm of his mother Paqui Garcia, who wore a traditional Andalusian mantilla, or raised head scarf.

The bride, who is 41, arrived a little later in a floor-length white gown with a long train.

"It's a special day, unforgettable, a unique feeling to see the woman you love enter in splendour, as she did," said Ramos of the bride's arrival in the cathedral.

The couple have been together for seven years and are the parents of three children.

After an hour-long ceremony, at which Asturian flamenco star Nina Pastori sang, the husband and wife emerged, posed at the door and exchanged kisses.

"It was very exciting," Rubio said.

The celebrations moved to the Sergio Ramos' 'Happiness of SR4' estate, outside the city.

For the party, guests were required to wear a temporary unicorn tattoo and surrender their cellphones and any other devices with cameras or microphones.

The banquet was being prepared by chef Dani Garcia, who has won three Michelin stars for his restaurant in the Andalusian resort Marbella.

Photographs in Spanish media in the days leading up to the event showed a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, a stage and Indian teepees had been set up.

"There are several environments, different areas for everyone to feel comfortable," said Ramos, before adding that "I have gone to many weddings in my life and this one, I think, will be like no other."

Spanish media reported that veteran Australian rockers AC/DC would play as a wedding gift from Ramos to his wife.

"I'm a fan," Ramos said as he went in to the estate.

"But they aren't the ones who are playing."

Rubio was less certain.

"I've been told they've been seen at the airport, so maybe it's a surprise for me," she said, laughing.

Everyone came out for @SergioRamos' wedding ?

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