League, clubs must be vigilant on betting ads, gambling: Gordon

Western Bulldogs president Peter Gordon is alarmed by the effects of betting advertising on children as the AFL industry grapples with problem gambling.

Players, coaches and officials have expressed concern about the insidious spread of gambling issues within clubs.

Geelong's GMHBA Stadium is a gambling ad free zone in 2019 and beyond.

Geelong's GMHBA Stadium is a gambling ad free zone in 2019 and beyond. Credit:AAP

Addiction counsellor Jan Beames last week suggested in a News Corp report more than 100 players and coaches had chronic gambling issues.

Bulldogs chairman Gordon, whose club is in the process of exiting the poker machine industry, says the AFL must also be vigilant on the effects of sports betting advertisements.


"You see seven-year-olds and eight-year-olds who if you ask them who's going to win on the weekends, can give you the standing odds on an 18-point plus victory," he said.

"I know from my days as a class action lawyer litigating against big tobacco, the ways in which marketing can not look like it's directed at children but have an effect on them anyway.

"I think there's quite onerous responsibility on the league and the government to make sure that that's regulated."

Brisbane Lions coach and industry veteran Chris Fagan last week said he had seen gambling problems at every club he had been involved in.

Adelaide forward Josh Jenkins also weighed in, saying he was worried younger players were copying their senior teammates and punting as a way of fitting in.

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