All you need is a pool to nail the shelfie belfie pose

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Listen up, students, for its time for another installment of poses people are doing on Instagram and how to do them.

If youve made it thus far, we must assume youve already mastered the strandid, the bambi, and Barbie feet.

Now, after many hours of training, youre ready to learn the wisdom of the shelfie belfie.

The shelfie belfie mashes together two portmanteaus were sure youre already familiar with: the shelfie; a photo of your shelf – a shelf selfie, and the belfie; a butt selfie.

Before you get confused, we must say that the meaning of selfie has morphed over the years, and now appears to mean any photo of yourself, regardless of whether or not you took it. This is important knowledge, as a literal take on a belfie would be rather tricky.

So, you understand the shelfie and the belfie. Now lets stick them together. Rather than sitting on your bathroom shelves, the shelfie belfie requires that you perch on a shelf or ledge and have your picture taken from behind.

Sure, that ledge could be a step or a balcony, but your shelfie belfie shall be best when you use a pool. Youll be wearing a swimsuit, for one, so youll show off your glorious bum cheeks, and youll also get to show everyone that youre on holiday lounging by a pool while theyre stuck at their desk.



Success on Instagram is determined by hotness, nudity, and inspiring envy, so a poolside shelfie belfie is the magic formula.

So, how do you do it?

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It really is quite simple. Get a patient friend to stand behind you as you sit on the side of a pool, dangling your legs in the water. Make sure youre wearing some form of high cut swimwear to display your butt to its full potential. You may look out at an incredible view, turn to the side, or even contort yourself around so your face is part of the shot, too, but the main priority is your bum.

The ledge will do a marvellous job of holding your bum in place and making it look peachy. Genius.

Need further guidance? Just closely analyse the successful shelfie belfies below.

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