Robin Williams and Robert De Niro took cocaine with John Belushi in hours before his death

Robin Williams and Robert de Niro and John Belushi

Robin Williams and Robert de Niro took cocaine with John Belushi in hours before his death (Picture: Getty)

Robin Williams and Robert de Niro both allegedly took cocaine with John Belushi in the hours before he died at the Chateau Marmont, claims a new bombshell book.

Shawn Levy has recounted the tragic final hours of the Saturday Night Live star in March 1982 before he died of an overdose at the infamous hotel.

In The Castle On Sunset, which is being adapted for TV by Aaron Sorkin and John Krasinski, Levy claims that Belushi was living in an apartment at the hotel and had been heavily using pot and cocaine as well heroin, with Belushi claiming it was for research.

On 4 March however, De Niro was in town and visited Belushi who had been staying indefinitely at the Chateau hoping to write a script that he had been struggling with for months.



Levy alleges that when De Niro walked in with Harry Dean Stanton, the living room was a shambles — not sloppy, but actually trashed, as if in a rage, and that they were left uncomfortable by woman named Cathy who was lounging around on her own in the room.

John Belushi two months before he overdosed(Picture: WireImage)

The pair decided to leave and go on elsewhere to party, and later ran into Robin Williams out and about in Hollywood who suggested they later all meet up with Belushi.

During a call later in the evening, Levy says that De Niro told Williams that he was busy and that he should stop by Belushis on his own which Williams did and, like De Niro, was creeped out by the scene, leaving after a few words and a little coke.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams was one of the last people to see John Belushi alive (Picture: Getty)

After he left, De Niro, too, stopped in at the bungalow, entering through the sliding glass patio door, writes Levy.

He had a few words and a few lines and then took some of the cocaine that was piled on the living room table and went back to his suite. It was some time past 3 a.m.

The next morning, Belushi was found dead by his personal trainer and bodyguard, Bill Wallace.

He had overdosed at the age of 33.

John Belushi

John Belushis body is taken from the Chateau Marmont to the coroners office (Picture: Getty)

An excerpt of The Castle On Sunset was published in The Hollywood Reporter, and it alleges that as the paramedics rushed the Chateau and guests begin to realise something had happened, De Niro was among the callers he had been trying to reach Belushi and instead tried the front desk.



”Wheres John?” he asked her. “There is a problem,” she said. “What?” “Its bad.” “Is he sick?” “Its really bad.” De Niro suddenly understood. He dRead More – Source

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