Uniqlo has a new Marvel range perfect to wear to the Endgame premiere

(Picture: Uniqlo)

Rejoice, Avengers Endgame is finally here.

If youve managed to avoid the spoilers, the rumours, and theories and now cant wait to set your sights on the finale of the Infinity Saga then youve probably got your tickets booked.

And what better to wear to the cinema than Uniqlos new Marvel garms?

The Japanese fashion retailer is offering all things MCU related to celebrate the release of the latest film.

You could be decked in a tee with Spidermans face or Hulks fist as you watch the eagerly-anticipated drama.

New York-based artist Jason Polan has put together the new line which also boasts Venom, Captain America, Iron Man and the Avengers logo showcased on sleeves and pockets.

The collection wont break the bank as each tee is available for $14.90 (£10).

If you order now, the trendy merch will arrive while all the hype is alive and kicking.

Avengers t-shirt
(Picture: Uniqlo)

The Uniqlo UT Spring/Summer 2019 collection features T-shirts in black, white, red, orange, navy, grey, and blue.



Youll be spoilt for choice as there are over 14 different designs to pick from, depending on your loyalties to the heroes.

Artist Jason, whos been drawing Marvel characters since he was a child, was delighted to be able to make the designs.

Spiderman print t-shirt
(Picture: Uniqlo)

I think I have always wanted to be an artist, probably because I never thought there was really any other option, he told Uniqlo.

I wasnt quite sure what the logistics of it would be but drawing and doing art-related projects were what I enjoyed most.

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Spider-Man was my first favourite Marvel superhero. I liked how he looked, how he could fly through the air, his red-and-blue costume, the scenes in New York Read More – Source

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