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Erdogans AK Party submits appeal for rerun of Istanbul elections

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogans AK Party has submitted its appeal for the annulment and rerun of Istanbuls municipal elections, broadcaster CNN Turk said on Tuesday, more than two weeks after the vote.

Initial results showed the main opposition Republican Peoples Party (CHP) narrowly won control of Turkeys biggest city in the elections, seemingly ending 25 years of control of a key power center by the AK Party and its Islamist predecessors.

AK Party (AKP) Deputy Chairman Ali Ihsan Yavuz submitted his partys extraordinary appeal for the annulment and renewal of the elections to Turkeys High Election Board (YSK) with three suitcases full of documents, CNN Turk said.

If the appeal is approved, renewed elections will take place on the first Sunday 60 days after the initial vote, which will be on June 2. If rejected, the results will be finalized and the winner will receive their mandate to start working.

Repeated AKP challenges have fueled frustration among CHP supporters, which spilled over into football stadiums during the weekend when fans chanted at top Istanbul derby matches for the mayoral mandate to be given to their candidate.

The political uncertainty has added to unease in financial markets. After the latest AK Party comment theRead More – Source




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