ASOS comes under fire for deactivating customers accounts

(Picture: ASOS)

Earlier this month, ASOS announced that it would be cracking down on serial returners in a bid to fight against fraud.

The brand explained it would be deactivating accounts that had a suspicious number of returns, to stop those taking advantage of the policy.

However, this week ASOS social media has been flooded with complaints from customers who claim to have had their accounts wrongly closed.

People have been taking to Twitter and Facebook to express their anger – especially serial returners who said they have only made two orders in the space of a year.

One person wrote: ASOS how do you justify deactivating my account due to “a high number of returns” when I rarely order from you and my last two orders have been 10 months apart?

If I only ordered from you in December 2019 and before then in January 2018, how can I possibly be a serial returner of items?

(Picture: ASOS)

Another woman said it was a disgusting way to treat loyal customers, while a bride-to-be issued a warning to other brides looking to buy their bridesmaids dresses on ASOS.



She said: Just so you know if you are a bride and you want to order bridesmaids dresses on here I wouldnt do that unless you want your account deactivated.

ASOS is now deactivating a lot of peoples accounts for returning too many items.

They wont listen to the reason why you returned the items, you just get deactivated and ignored. A few brides I know have had their accounts deactivated and have all received the exact same email when trying to explain why they returned the items.

This is an online shop, how are you meant to try things on without being scared to lose your account?

Facebook users arent the only ones who are angry. People have also been taking to Twitter to complain that their accounts have been deleted, despite having genuine reasons for their returns.

Absolutely raging that @ASOS had deactivated my account because I have sent too many items back well 1) thanks for letting me know there was a limit (NOT) and 2) sorry that Im a different size in the hundreds of different brands you have on your website!

— Emma Kelly (@EmmaKelly132) April 10, 2019

@ASOS_HeretoHelp Just had an email telling that Ive had my account deactivated with the below text?
Due to an ongoing pattern of returns behaviour that is against our policy, we have permanently deactivated your account.

I cant quite believe what Im reading? Totally disgusted

— Joanne Ervine (@jo_erv2812) April 10, 2019

@ASOS_HeretoHelp got an email informing me my account has been deactivated due to “on going pattern of refund behaviour”. Spoke to a member of customer support and they said it would be due to “suspicious activity”. The implication is offensive. Ive been a loyal customer.

— kate (@dreambiting) April 10, 2019

@ASOS_HeretoHelp WOW. Just had an email to say my account has been deactivated due to 'suspicious activity'. I've been an ASOS customer for YEARS and hv spent hundreds if not thousands of £ (also had lots of A-list vouchers in past) Cant even log in now. What on earth!?

— Lucinder (@lucinderch) April 10, 2019

So to my disgust I receive an email from @ASOS to say my account has been deactivated to which I have to email and ask why see below answer……I was under the impression that Asos offer one of the best customer services in the world and the Customer I.e myself is very important

— clare webber (@ClareWraight) April 10, 2019

@ASOS deactivated my account! Loyal customer who has lost a load of weight and doesnt know what size she is! And, havent delivered when I have paid for next day, on several occasions. Dont return more than a normal person would. What a way to treat your customers ??

— Rachel Smith (@rubys440) April 10, 2019

@ASOS why would you let me order something, then send an email saying my account has been deactivated?! #DisgustingCustomerService

— Sarah Ballantyne (@sarahb871) April 10, 2019



Customers were warned of the changes at the beginning of the month, when ASOS decided to update its returns policy.

Alongside extending the initial returns period, the retailer wrote: We also need to make sure our returns remaiRead More – Source

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