British girl, 17, raped on Mediterranean cruise ship during family holiday

An Italian man has been released on a legal technicality after being accused of raping a British girl on a cruise ship.

The suspect, 18, allegedly attacked the 17-year-old girl after pushing her into a cabin on the vessel at around 5am on Thursday.

The alleged victim was travelling with her parents in the Mediterranean on the MSC Divina.

Cruise tourist ship in Black sea, Odessa, Ukraine

The alleged rape happened on a Mediterranean cruise ship (Picture: Getty)

The suspect was arrested on Thursday after the cruise ship stopped in Valencia and the captain was told what had allegedly happened.

The man was freed by a court in the city after a judge said he did not have jurisdiction to probe the allegation because it happened in Panamanian territory and international waters, according to Spanish newspaper Levante EMV.

The judge will reportedly urge Panama, the UK and Italy – to take action.

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A forensic examination of the alleged crime scene was carried out and the teenage girl underwent an examination at a local hospital.

The alleged victim is believed to have continued on the cruise with her parents but the suspect was not able to get back on board.

MSC Cruises operates the MSC Divina.

A MSC Cruises spokesman said: As there is an ongoing investigation, we are unable to provide any additional comment on this matter.

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