Easter weather: What can we expect over the holiday weekend?

Birch twigs and coloured feathers are traditional Swedish Easter decorations. Photo: Lola Akinmade Åkerström/

After an early spell of warm weather, spring has been cooler than usual over much of Sweden with some early April snow, but there's good news for anyone with plans to be outdoors over the coming Easter weekend.

The cold air that has lain over the country will be replaced by high pressure and warmer springtime winds, according to weather forecasters.

As early as Wednesday, temperatures are expected to start increasing across all of Sweden, and on Thursday they could reach the double digits.

"Next week, we're going to get warmer air and over the Easter weekend we're going to have high pressure weather," SMHI meteorologist Moa Hallberg said.

"On Thursday, we'll have temperatures between 10C and 17C. The warmest [location] will be along the Blekinge coast, and in the north it will be somewhat colder."

The warm conditions are forecast to remain in place on Good Friday and Easter Saturday, with sunshine in many spots, but the nights are still likely to be quite cold.

"In the northern parts of the country, from Jämtland and Medelpad upwards, there will be minus degrees in the nights. In the rest of Sweden, it looks like there will be some occasional plus degrees," said Hallberg.

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