Cops race to confront burglar trapped in bathroom and find Roomba robot vacuum cleaner instead

Armed sheriffs deputies burst into the bathroom of a home whose owner reported a burglar trapped inside – only to find a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner doing its chores.

The frightened woman dialed 911 to tell cops that someone was in her bathroom rustling around, and that she could see shadows moving under the door on Tuesday afternoon.

Deputies from Washington County Sheriffs Office in Oregon were on the scene seven minutes later.

Deputies from Washington County Sheriffs Office burst into a worried homeowners bathroom expecting to find a burglar…but were instead confronted with this Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, busy doing its chores (Picture: Washington County Sheriffs Office)

They spent 10 minutes outside the door, issuing orders and warnings to the burglar to come out with his or her hands up.

Their instructions appeared to make the suspect rustle around even more inside the bathroom, a Facebook post explained.



Finally, the deputies burst open the door with guns drawn, to discover what they described as a very thorough vacuuming job being done by a Roomba Robotic Vacuum cleaner.

Thankfully, they saw the funny side of tRead More – Source




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