Coronation Streets Rick Neelan actor Greg Wood is real-life brothers with another cast member

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Nasty loan-shark Rick Neelan isnt the type of guy you want to get involved with but for one fellow Coronation Street character he has no choice – theyre connected whether they like it or not.

Rick actor Greg Wood returns to the soap in a storyline that will see him terrorise Gary Windass (Mikey North), who owes him thousands in a loan, and hell be in the cast alongside his real life brother.

Matt Milburn plays Weatherfield County footballer Tommy Orpington, who pops in and out having helped Jack Webster learn to cope with his disability.

He also appeared as part of Jacks sepsis storyline. He made his debut in 2016 and popped back just a few weeks ago when he showed up as the celebrity hired for the opening of David Platt and Nick Tilsleys barber shop.

Rick, AKA Greg, on the other hand, first showed up in 2009 for his huge storyline where he tormented Joe McIntyre and threatened the life of Tina.

Tommy Orpington and Rick Neelan are bros in real life
(Picture: ITV)

Hes now back as the ruthless loan-shark who is set to cause Gary no end of problems as he forces the builder to pay him what hes owed. He also turns his attentions to the elderly as he attempts to force Gary into conning them out of their life savings in a devastating con.



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