EastEnders spoilers: Evie Steele leads Tiffany Butcher to her death?

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Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Williams) will be left regretting the day she fell in with Evie Steeles (Sophia Capasso) gang as it could end up costing her life in EastEnders.

Tiffany shows up back in Walford on a dangerous mission to save her and Evies lives as they face being murdered by a disgruntled drug dealer.

Bernadette Taylor (Claire Norris) found her, and it quickly became clear Tiffany never went to Milton Keynes – shes been on the run since she left the Square as she and Evie have tried to evade Evies drug dealer boyfriend whos been demanding money.

The pair of them failed to meet his targets of sales, meaning they have wracked up dangerous debts. He is now ready to collect on them, and the two girls could pay with their lives if they dont have the cash.

Tiffany had the intention of finding tin of money left in Teds flat containing £2,000 when Bernie found her – the money would either have been enough to pay the guy off for a while, or enough to get away for good.



Bernie came to realise she was about to lose her friend one way or another – either to being killed or to going back on the run. As Tiffany raided the flat, Bernie tried to talk some sense into her, attempting to convince her to stay, but Tiffany was adamant she had to get back to Evie.

Tiffany's life is in danger thanks to Evie
(Picture: BBC)

Bernie offered to buy her breakfast in a bid to stall for time, but Tiffany was sent running for cover when she spotted the guy shes been on the run from.

The two girls headed back to the flat where Tiffany confessed the level of danger shes in – she and Evie face almost certain death if that guy claps eyes on them.

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