Woman accuses PrettyLittleThing of selling Fruit of the Loom joggers with the label cut out

(Picture: Twitter/katiewaddilove)

A woman has taken to Twitter to accuse PrettyLittleThing of selling a pair of joggers which she claims were originally made by Fruit of the Loom, but have had the label removed.

She tweeted a picture of the seam of the trousers, which showed the PrettyLittleThing label on one side and what looks like the remnants of a Fruit of the Loom label on the other.

The woman, @katiewaddielove, says that the Fruit of the Loom joggers retail from between £6 – £12, but says PLT are selling the same pair for £20.

She included a screenshot of what looks like the joggers she bought being sold on Amazon by Fruit of the Loom.

So @OfficialPLT are selling £6-£12 fruit of the loom joggers, cutting the labels out and charging £20 for products they havent even manufactured themselves????

— Kt (@katiewaddilove) March 21, 2019

Lots of people have jumped on to Katies comments, some saying they were disappointed with the brand, others testing out their own products by taking a closer look at their labels.



But some sprang to PLTs defense and told Katie that is just how the fashion industry works – but she had a response for them.

& to ppl replying saying “its business” or “most brands do this” YES but usually theyll add their own logos or designs, whereas PLT here have not only done a sloppy job removing the original labels but also not altered the product in any way to justify the >100% profits made!

— Kt (@katiewaddilove) March 21, 2019

She accused PrettyLittleThing of doing a sloppy job of removing the original label. She also said that they have not altered the product in any way to justify the >100% profits made!

One Twitter user seemed particularly disappointed in PLTs alleged actions: People throw their hard earned into something theyve admired and wanted all month and when they buy it its nothing better than a regular item with new tags sewn into it, they wrote.

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