Emmerdale spoilers: Lachlan White has Vanessa Woodfield stabbed?

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Sinister Lachlan White has been confirmed as the one who has been behind the pig slaughter and dead flowers over at the Dingle household – proving Belle Dingle right, despite everyone doubting her in Emmerdale. And as he has given someone instructions to up the ante in order to get the message across, a fire will rage at the Woolpack and Vanessa Woodfield is stabbed and left to die. So it Lachlan behind this? And who is acting on his orders if so?

Belle visited Lachlan and made it clear that she would not give in to his intimidation so, using a hidden phone, he contacted his person on the outside and told them to make things worse for the Dingles.

As a result, someone will approach the pub and set fire to it but, heading back there after a row with Charity to make things up with her, Vanessa tackles the man and struggles with him. He smashes a bottle and uses it to stab her and she is left bleeding on the ground as the man then flees in her car, unaware that Johnny is in the backseat.

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(Picture: ITV)

Charity will eventually find Vanessa after the fire causes damage to the Woolpack but will she be forced to say a tragic goodbye to her – and will anyone be able to catch up with the attacker and get Johnny home?

Michelle Hardwick recently confirmed that viewers have met the man who stabs Vanessa before but was not giving away whether her character lives or dies.

She told We are all jobbing actors, its 25 years that Ive been in business this year, so it would be onwards and upwards. You never know. Nothing lasts for ever.

Given that Vanessa and Charity have a huge fanbase in the Vanity shippers, we can only hope that this is not a brutal end to the love story.

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