EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen exacts revenge on Ray Kelly tonight

(picture: BBC)

When did an EastEnders New Year wedding ever go smoothly? Its the day of Mel Owen and Ray Kellys wedding, and its set to be their big day in more ways than one.

Everyone in the Square is excited that the happy day has finally arrived but there is unlikely to be any happiness for these two given Mels plot, which she is ready to exact on her hubby-to-be and finally expose the truth.

For weeks she has been building up to this day, delving into Rays past ready to confront him with what she knows, and now is the time she finally gets revenge on her lying, cheating fiance. But will that even go as planned?

(Picture: BBC)

It seems not because as the day kicks off things spiral out of control faster than you can say I once married Ian Beale and Mels perfect outcome looks set to end in disaster.

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Well the way its set up is that the wedding is a set up for Ray, so Mel can win the day, actor Sean Mahon, who plays Ray Kelly, told On the wedding day, some events happen that may challenge her ability to win the day.

(Picture: BBC)

Could this mean Mel ends up on the receiving end of Rays violent streak?

Tamzin Outhwaite hinted that the day might descend into violence: We actually already know by this stage that he has been violent to his wives and that he has killed someone.

Asked if Mel will end up in danger, Tamzin added: Oh yeah, theres a lot of danger. As far as Im reading now, its got danger all over it. Tamzin also teased that Mel wont get the result shes after.

Not by the end of New Year s Day, she said.

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But there will definitely be something huge going down on the day, and with a big beautiful gown featuring pockets, could she even be concealing a murder weapon in her dress?

Tamzin said: Thats my favourite bit about it [the dress], because now I am thinking how would I have been able to do all of these scenes that I have been doing, doing night shoots for the last five nights, without pockets because Ive got props and all sorts. Youll know about all those later!

Asked if there is room for a murder weapon, she said: Dont know about a murder weapon, but room for your rosary beads perhaps?

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