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Media plays a vital role in fostering tolerance

Author: ARAB NEWSID: 1545421086206387300Fri, 2018-12-21 22:37

JEDDAH: Saudi Media Minister Dr. Awwad Al-Awwad met with a media delegation from Indonesia and other Muslim-majority countries in Riyadh on Thursday.
During the meeting, Al-Awwad reiterated the Kingdoms devotion to enhancing already strong bilateral relations, especially in the creative scene, as well as highlighting Muslim nations common culture and civilization.
“The media plays a vital role in ensuring that these relations go from strength to strength, especially in projecting a positive image of Islam and fighting stereotypes associated with terrorism and extremism,” he said.

The delegations, which included officials from Pakistan, India, Malaysia and Afghanistan, reasserted their support for the Kingdom in the face of negative press within international media outlets.
Officials added that the Kingdom has always been a beacon of peace, security and stability in the region and continues to honor its commitment to fostering moderation and tolerance.

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