Emmerdale spoilers: Maya Stepneys secret is out as Jacob Gallagher confesses

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Jacob Gallagher could be about to reveal Maya Stepneys huge secret as her grooming of him starts to get noticed in Emmerdale.

Mayas been messing with his head, telling him to back off one minute and then arranging for them to spend time together the next. An almost unseen touch of his hand followed by some alone time between the two saw Jacobs crush get even more out of hand, and she has revelled in it.

But is Maya about to come unstuck when she blows hot and cold on the student, leaving him confused and about to spill the beans?

Ellis takes over as coach of the hockey team, but he can see almost straight away that Jacobs head isnt in the game. Despite being the best on the pitch, theres something up and he tries to get to the bottom of it.

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Jacob is clearly tormented, and as Ellis probes, Jacob confesses – hes been seeing an older woman and shes been breaking his heart with her behaviour towards him.

(Picture: ITV)

But Ellis is seriously concerned that the teenager is seeing someone older, who could be a lot older rather than just another student, and despite promising to keep it all secret, he tells David the truth of whats going on. He tells David in front of Maya, whos left fuming at how close shes come to having her awful secret blown. As David voices concern about his son being taken advantage of, she pretends to put it all down to typical teenage behaviour.

But inside shes fuming, and she takes the opportunity to set up a meeting with Jacob.

She confronts him, flipping her lid at the poor lad in a vitriolic rant about his immaturity. She warns him to leave her alone and keep quiet, and hes heartbroken at her sudden change towards him.

What will Jacob do now shes broken his heart? And how far will she go to keep her behaviour a secret?

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