H&M is selling a skirt with a hood and the internet isnt keen

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(Picture: H&M)

H&M is selling a skirt with a hood, and it pretty much looks like someones cut up half of a hoodie.

The skirt is grey, looks a lot like a jumper, and is currently selling for £34.99.

Since it started selling online, people have been taking to Twitter to voice their confusion – with some even saying it looks like a dog jumper.

H&M is selling a skirt with a hood METRO GRAB taken from: Credit: H&M/Moschino

(Picture: H&M)

Many have questioned why H&M felt the need to create it.

have a actually just seen this advertised to me on insta??? skirt with a hood????? can someone explain wtf that even is and why H&M are trying to charge folk £34.99 for it?????? ???

— GN (@_gemmanimmo) December 11, 2018

Have the designers at H&M been smoking too much pot – Ive just come across a skirt with a HOOD!! The only good thing that can come from this is wearing it back to front and using the hood as a snack holder.

— Katie Jane Weston (@kayjaydoubleyou) December 10, 2018

The product description reads: Short skirt in lightweight organic cotton sweatshirt fabric with a decorative, double-layered drawstring hood at the top. Two-way zip down the front, side pockets and a ribbed hem.



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Judging by the tweets, we dont think H&M will be selling out of the skirts any time soon.

But hey – each to their own, right? has contacted H&M for comment.

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