7 Holby City spoilers: Wedding bells and surprises

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Its the day of Greta and Jasons wedding and love is in the air. When disaster strikes, the wedding is thrown into disarray and might not be able to go ahead. Best man Zav steps up to try and fix things, but will he succeed? Meanwhile two other Holby couples have to take a long, hard look at themselves. Dominic is still desperate to marry Lofty, but doesnt know how to get past the awkwardness between them. Will a grand gesture help? And Bernie and Serena have to face the issues in their relationship.

Elsewhere Mo is putting Nicky through her paces as she tries to get her to step up to a new role. And there are some special guests too. Here are all the spoilers to look out for.

Holby City Series 20
They need to talk (Picture: BBC)

1. Serena still hasnt told Bernie about her fling with Dr Leah Faulkner. Her former patient and old friend Lexy helps her to realise she has to tell Bernie the truth – but if she does, will Bernie forgive her?

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2. Mo has taken Nicky under her wing and wants her to strive to be the best she can be. Can Nicky live up to her expectations?

3. On the day of Jason and Gretas wedding theres a disaster at the church, which leaves all of their plans up in the air and several people in need of hospital treatment. With Greta stressing, Jason relies on Zav to help to get things back on track. Will Zav find a way to give them the wedding they want after all?

Holby City Series 20
Mo has plans for Nicky (Picture: BBC)

4. Theres a guest appearance from Gemma Oaten as nurse Sydney Somers – not in a nursing capacity this time – and from Jenny Howe as Lexy, the Holby vicar who seems to always appear in time for a big occasion. Amanda Henderson (Robyn) from Casualty also makes an appearance. And watch out for a quirky cameo from Reverend Richard Coles!

5. Dominic is avoiding Lofty, but is desperate to make amends with him. He makes a grand gesture – but will it convince Lofty that his future is with Dominic after all, or will it make things worse?

Holby City Series 20
Can Zav save the day? (Picture: BBC)

6. Donna is jealous when she discovers that Gretas chief bridesmaid has her eye on the best man – Xavier. Will his head be turned?

7. Its an episode thats funny and happy and sad and beautiful, and so full of lovely moments that you might want to watch it twice. And youll most probably be left with a tear in your eye, one way or another.

Sue Haasler is the author of the official Holby City book, which you can read about here. She also writes novels and theres information about all her books here

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