Love confessions, Leos secret and Sonya shock death? 8 big Neighbours spoilers

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Its a thrilling week ahead in Neighbours that could lead to the tragic death of one of our favourites.

How much devastation has Fake Dee/Andrea managed to cause for the Rebecchis?!

As if Sonya hasnt been through enough in the last couple of years, what with sadly losing her surrogate baby after learning of Toadies infidelity with Fake Dee, and then spiralling down into alcoholism to deal with her grief, and later to be slapped around the face with what she thought shed put behind her when Toadies son Hugo, spawned from him sleeping with Andrea, turned up in their lives. All because of Andrea.

And now her life is hanging in the balance as Andreas mum exacts the final stages of her plan to get her back into Toadies life for good. Alice is hell-bent on murdering Sonya to get her out of the way, will Toadie realise whats happening in time to save his wife?

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1. Sonyas found, but is she safe?

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Sonya is finally found after going missing and Toadie is swamped with relief, but when Shane and Dipi air their concerns about her his relief is short lived. Could Sonya have fallen off the wagon? She confesses that she hasnt started drinking again, but shes frightened that the urge to has been so strong. Toadie promises hell help her get through it, and Alice over hears. Shes furious her plan isnt working, and she takes drastic action.

2. Susan cant visit sick Libby

Susans distraught to learn Libby has broken her leg in an accident and faces a long recovery, but Susans request to leave the country and visit China is denied. She feels guilty that her confession is stopping her from being a good mum and is doubly guilty that Karl is taking his frustrations out on Bea.

3. Alice tricks Sonya

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Alice steps up her plans and arranges a one off delivery from the nursery. Alice offers to go with her, but will Sonya survive the trip? Alice clearly has some awful plans, she takes Sonyas gardening gloves and dips them in pesticide and she enacts her evil plot when she pulls over to the side of the road.

Toadie is unaware of whats going on and is frustrated that he doesnt know where Sonya is. But hes concerned when he gets her toxicology results from the hospital that reveal she there were opiates in her system. Hes angry and hurt that she lied. Little does he know shes lying by the side of the road and her life is slipping away…

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4. Whats Toadie hiding?

Meanwhile, Pipers confused when Toadie asks her to leave the office while he has a meeting and it all seems very secretive, and when she asks what it was all about he tries to put her off. She gets suspicious – hes never cut her out of a meeting before. Whats he hiding?

5. Willow arrives in town

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Willow arrives in Ramsay Street just as Toadie is dealing with what hes found out about Sonyas toxicology. Alice is worried when she hears of her granddaughters visit and though she tries to avoid her, they eventually come face to face. But Willow is savvy and realises that her con artist gran is the one behind Sonyas disappearance. Will she get to Toadie in time?

6. Chloe declares her love

Chloe hasnt forgotten her kiss with Elly. In fact, if anything, her feelings have got stronger and she tries to hide them at Elly and Marks engagement party. She gets herself a bit too drunk and ends up feeling pretty poorly in the Waterhole beer garden. As Elly tends to her sick friend, Chloe blurts out how much she loves Elly and shes left shocked by the depth of her feelings, but will she reciprocate?

7. The Brennans get tested

The results are in for the Brennan brothers – Aaron is the last to get tested and he and David anxiously wait for the results. To keep his spirits up Mark asks him to be his best man and then the moment arrives – his results are in.

(Picture: BBC)

8. Does Toadie find Sonya in time?


Toadie finally receives a message from Willow warning him about whats going on with Sonya – he rushes off to save her, but will he find her in time?

Scenes air from Monday 10 December at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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