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Saudi-British Green Flag drills conclude in Taif

Author: Shounaz MekkyID: 1544112902645748100Thu, 2018-12-06 19:14

JEDDAH: The Green Flag drills for 2018 carried out between the Royal Saudi Air Force and the UKs Royal Air Force ended on Thursday at the King Fahd Air Base in Taif.

A speech ceremony was held to mark the occasion, during which attendees heard a brief summary of what was carried out in the exercise, after which prizes and souvenirs were distributed to participants.

Major General Haidar bin Rafie Al-Omari, commander of the air base and the exercise, said the Green Flag 2018 exercises had been a success and that it had achieved its desired goals, by deepening the bonds of cooperation and exchange of experiences between the two air forces of both two countries and by raising the level of combat readiness.

Al-Omari also added that the participants from both sides showed high levels of professionalism and readiness, and came out with positive results from applying tactics and tasks carried out by pilots during the aerial exercises with proficiency in dealing with hypothetical situations applied, such as electronic warfare and neutralizing air targets and air control.

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