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Yesterday, UKIP leader Gerard Batten proudly announced that their new Special Advisor for Rape Gangs and Prison Reform would be – pause for fanfare – Tommy Robinson, or Stephen Yaxley-Lennon if you prefer people to use their real names. The announcement was met with contempt on the internet.

party for racist shithouses appoints criminal racist shithouse in advisory role.

Tommy Robinson only has an interest in victims of grooming if he's able to use it to bash the entire Muslim community, he doesn't help anyone except himself.

— Dan Hett (@danhett) November 23, 2018

Speaking as someone who deals regularly with issues of child sexual exploitation in my nursing role, I can confirm that this tinpot little fascist is pretty much the last person I'd turn to for advice on safeguarding issues.

— Phil Dore (@PhilJDore) November 22, 2018

There really arent enough fuck offs for this. We need new swear words.

— Matt Haig (@matthaig1) November 23, 2018

Clever move from UKIP as they can say they're supporting work for British people by giving jobs to Tommy Robinson, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and Andrew McMaster all at once.

— Tiernan Douieb (@TiernanDouieb) November 23, 2018

Even former UKIP leader and architect of Brexit, Nigel Farage wasnt happy, suggesting that allowing Tommy Robinson a platform might give UKIP a reputation for being far-right.

Nigel Farage on Tommy Robinson's Ukip role: "If Brexit is able to be portrayed as a plaything of street activists, thugs and the far right, that is very bad for the Brexit cause."@Nigel_Farage | #TommyRobinson

— LBC (@LBC) November 23, 2018

The sheer hypocrisy didnt escape Twitters notice, as these 11 comments show.


I never thought theyd appoint a leopard,' sobs man who founded the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party.

— Ed Morrish (@edmorrish) November 23, 2018


Imagine being so racist that Nigel Farage asks you to tone it down a bit

— James Felton (@JimMFelton) November 23, 2018


(l-r) Nigel Farage, Gerald Batten. "This dog-whistle racism is acceptable. But hiring-Tommy-Robinson racism is UNacceptable."

— Dorian Lynskey (@Dorianlynskey) November 23, 2018


I see UKIP is now too fascist for *checks notes* Nigel Farage.

— Blair McDougall (@blairmcdougall) November 23, 2018


Nigel Farage is shocked to discover that the party for small-minded, bigoted, racist twats run by small-minded, bigoted, racist twats has appointed a small-minded, bigoted, racist twat.

— Boris Johnson . . . . . not (@BorisJohnson_MP) November 23, 2018


The Definition of Two faced.

— David Lammy (@DavidLammy) November 23, 2018


“So, Stephen, er, Tommy…whatever, we need someone really fucking racist for this post. Can you explain your racist credentials?”

“Im so racist that it makes the Silas Greenback cunt who spent his formative years singing Hitler Youth songs uncomfortable.”

“See you on Monday.”

— Maxs Festive Fuckery ?? (@SpillerOfTea) November 23, 2018


Farage who paraded around his anti-immigrant poster, spoke at a far right rally for Hitler enthusiasts, in a strange plot twist, is berating Batten and UKIP for being 'too racist'

— •lina• (@agirlcalledlina) November 23, 2018


Nigel is against everything Tommy is against. They are as xenophobic and ignorant as each other. The only difference is one of class. Middle England versus Thug England. Farage is the Waitrose Tommy Robinson.

— Matt Haig (@matthaig1) November 23, 2018


Farage: “Batten is dragging Ukip into the direction of effectively being a street activist party”

— John Rain (@MrKenShabby) November 23, 2018

11. The Mirror subtly pointed out the irony with its choice of image.

Farage demands no confidence vote in 'shameful' UKIP leader over Tommy Robinson

— Mirror Politics (@MirrorPolitics) November 23, 2018

However much Nigel Farage dislikes Tommy Robinson, the combination of the two was just a little too much for some.

Turns on #r4today to hear Nick Robinson saying "coming up in the next half hour Nigel Farage on Tommy Robinson"…

Retrieves radio from the garden, phones glazier

— tom jamieson (@jamiesont) November 23, 2018

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