25 soap spoilers: Emmerdale crash horror, Coronation Street death tragedy, EastEnders revenge, Hollyoaks return

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Theres tragedy afoot in upcoming soap episodes as Mandy Richardson fears she is losing her baby in Hollyoaks and soon gets bad news while Sinead Osbourne is rocked to the core to learn her friend Steff has days to live in Coronation Street.

There may also be death in an Emmerdale hit and run while EastEnders Alfie Moon might as well start praying for his life when he finds out that Hayley Slater has had his baby – just when he is trying to get back with ex- wife Kat.

On top of that, theres an intricate revenge plan, a drugs risk, a new romance, a scandalous kiss, a reunion, an exit, some passion, a new understanding, an unexpected discovery, a return and a failed seduction.

Coronation Street

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1. Shona engineers it for Nick and Leanne to get back together as she locks them in the cafe together and soon they have sorted themselves out and are heading back to the flat to make up for lost time.

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2. Toyah confronts Imran after he speaks badly to Leanne but her anger turns to passion as sparks fly between them. They get busy in the flat but as Nick and Leanne return home, Imran is forced onto the balcony in just his boxers.

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3. As Fiz can see that Hope has no remorse for her bad behaviour, she agrees that she is going to have to attend a specialist school and decides to take her to Birmingham. But as she leaves, she reaches a new understanding with Evelyn.

4. Nick and Elsa finally reach an agreement as he vows to pay back the money he owes her but when an Underworld client sees him sniping with Carla, they have to work together to try and save a lucrative order.

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5. Sinead and Daniel are delighted after they come home from their scan and Daniel is delirious with joy. But Sinead then gets the bad news from Steffs husband that her cancer has spread and she has days to live.

6. Eileen discovers a stash of money that Phelan had hid after one of his scams and is persuaded that she has every right to spend it – so she arranges to go on holiday, promising to take Liz and Sean with her.


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7. Alfie is determined to prove to Kat that they can save their marriage but Kat is on edge and soon locks herself in the bathroom. Alfie brings the twins to see her and when she emerges, she is finally reunited with her boys.

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8. When Mel is stood up by Ray, Masood gives Ian the heads up and he rushes over to try and win her heart. When Ray then turns up, Ians nose is pushed out of joint so he plans to get his own back on him.

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9. Evie is determined to get Tiffany to give Keegan more drugs and, keen to impress, she complies but is caught by a disgusted Bernie. Later, Evie invites both girls to the Vic with her but is she plotting something?

10. Alfie is stunned when Hayley reveals that the baby is theirs and he soon tells her that he wants to play a part in her life but Hayley refuses. Later, Jean issues an ultimatum – Alfie has to tell Kat the truth or she will.

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11. Mel follows Ray and makes a fresh discovery about him and when she finally tells Maddie, the scorned wife wants to confront Ray. Mel tries to talk her down from ruining her whole plan but theyre being watched.

12. Keegan and Louise agree to babysit for Alfie but when he then takes the kids with him to the party, they find that they have the house to themselves – but as things heat up, Ian comes home early.

13. Ian and Jean grow closer as he opens up to her about Lucy. But could there be a romance in store?


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14. Liv confronts Jacob about lying about them sleeping together and Maya deduces that he did it to make her jealous. She tells him she is flattered and they kiss but when Jacob wants to come clean to David, Maya fears the consequences.


15. Noah and Leanna enjoy causing chaos at school and then release the animals in the vets surgery, much to Vanessas horror. After roping Amelia in, they steal Dazs car for a joyride and then leave it abandoned when they lose control.

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16. Bob is enjoying spending time with Brenda and as they share a bottle of wine, he feels there is a connection and moves in to kiss her. Later, Doug confronts him over his attitude and punches him.

17. Consumed by guilt, Cain decides its time that he told Debbie the truth about what really happened to Joe but when he reveals his intentions to Moira, she does everything she can to talk him out of it.

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18. Daz makes the mistake of thinking his new boss is flirting with him and she kicks him out of the cab. Drunk and alone, he finds his abandoned car but ends up running someone over and leaving the scene of the crime.

19. Paddy shows Chas the tree where he has carved their names along with Graces and after she draws a love heart around them, they share an emotional embrace and reconcile as a couple.


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20. Mandy panics when she is taken ill in the toilets and fears she is losing the baby. Nancy finds her and waits with her at the hospital but after doing some tests, Sinead spots some worrying signs.

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21. Sienna is excited when she is given the chance to observe a class at the school but when she is left alone, things spiral out of control, forcing Laurie to step in and help her. Sinead soon feels she has to warn Sienna away from her man.


22. Lily tries her best to seduce Prince, unaware of his secret worries and he rejects her. She confides in Tony and Diane about what has happened and they have an idea on how they can try to help.

23. Mandy wins £200 on a scratchcard and after a bad day preparing for the custody hearing, Darren swipes it and heads to the casino night before then lying to her about where it went. As the mediation continues, things get worse for Darren.

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24. Cindy returns and is horrified to find that Donna-Marie is living in her house. After being left annoyed to see her wearing Dirks shirt, Cindy conspires with Marnie to find evidence to get rid of her.

25. Jesse and Liam agree on their plans for Glenns money but when the will comes through, they learn that they have been left nothing but debts.

Whats next?

  • Who finds themselves considering shocking action in order to bring down an enemy and will they go through with it?
  • Who hatches a sordid plan for revenge and will it go too far?
  • Which two relatives decide that its time to fight back when someone they love faces their darkest day?
  • Which two siblings fall out in spectacular style leading to an act of violence?
  • Who hears the news that a good friend has died? And what other surprise do they then have in store?

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