Avengers 4 prelude comic covers revealed alongside first look at their synopsis

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Avengers prelude comic covers revealed

Avengers 4 prelude comic covers have been revealed (Picture: Marvel)

As fans eagerly await the much anticipated release of Avengers 4, Marvel have given us a little treat to help keep us going until the big release.

Dishing out a sneak peek at the comic book prelude, the first three covers have been released alongside their synopsis.

With the comics set to drop on 5 Decemeber, its more than likely the trailer for Avengers 4 will definitely grace us with its presence long before then.

But for now, lets take a look at these covers.

The first issue is a scene taken right from the beginning of the movie, where Thanos is glaring down at the Space Stone, and looking extremely proud of himself.


Theyve also given us a glimpse of the synopsis (Picture: Marvel)

Following this is the second cover, which shows the Titan using the Power Stone in an attempt to bring down pieces of the moon.



The final cover is a snippet of Thanos and Tony Stark having a face off, just before his life is traded by Doctor Strange for the Time Stone.

Taking a look as the synopsis, it sounds as though the first three issues will be based around what went down in Infinity War.

Do we really have to relive it all again?

The first reads: A cosmic calamity! From the dawn of the universe came six INFINITY STONES, each in control of an essential aspect of existence: space, reality, power, soul, mind and time.

Now, Thanos strives to collect them all to further his mad plan of wiping out half the universes population. Standing between him and his goal: the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxym Spider-Man and more!


It looks like an Infinity War recap (Picture: Marvel)

But with one Infinity Stone already in Thanos possession, will even the combined might of the Marvel Universe be enough to stop him?

Following on from this, the second gives a glimpse at Thanos quest and how it will affect the universe.

It reads: Thanos mad quest continues! Thanos quest for the Infinity Stones threatens the universe!

While Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Spider-Man face off against the Children of Thanos, the vision forms a dire plan…even as Thor and Rocket seek a legendary weapon that may be the universes only hope! Plus: Gamoras past is revealed!

While the third concludes: Avengers & Guardians assemble! The last stand of the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and the heroes of Earth!



But can even their combined might stop Thanos mad scheme, now that hes assembled all the Infinity Stones? Snap!

While it does feel like its an Infinity War recap, were still hoping that a glimpse of whats to come in Avengers 4 will be revealed.

However, with the cast and crew remaining tight lipped over the upcoming movie, we wont hold our breath.

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