Coronation Street spoilers: Do Chesney and Gemma finally find romance?

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The way Chesney and Gemma have been trying to one up each other its felt like just a matter of time before they finally get it together in Coronation Street.

Is now the time for the pair to finally admit their true feelings?

Chesneys spent weeks trying to make Gemma jealous with Emma, taking her on dates and rubbing it in Gemmas face that hes got a girl. Though Gemma is with Spike, shes been strangely fixated on Chesneys relationship, hinting that shes been harbouring some strong feelings herself.

In tonights episode, feelings of jealousy overwhelmed Gemma when he spotted Chesney and his girlfriend heading off on a run together. Her feelings bubbled over when after a break in at the pizza shop Spike was arrested, and Gemma immediately accused Chesney of being the one to have shopped him.

(Picture: ITV)

Despite his denials, Gemma was adamant and threw a drink in his face in a fit of rage, and ribbed him for his awful fake tan.

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Gemma fumed as she showed up at the police station to collect Spike, baffled as to why he was arrested in the first place and taking it out on the police while vowing to ring Chesneys neck for being a grass.

Later, Gemma had yet another showdown in the Rovers with Chesney, telling Spike to beat him up, but Spike took Gemma for a chat out the back where he revealed he had been involved in the burglary, and he encouraged her to go for it with Chesney and to tell him her feelings revealing the lad is head over heals for her.

Shocked at Spikes revelation, Gemma returned to the bar to reveal shed dumped Spike and to tell Chesney how she felt, but he wasnt about to hear it – telling her hed never forgive her for what shed done.

Will Gemma finally declare her love for Chesney and is there a chance for romance? Or will he coldly tell her to get stuffed?

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