10 Emmerdale spoilers: Shock Joe reveal, new agony for Charity and Mayas mistake

Emmerdale spoilers for Debbie, Graham, Charity, Vanessa, Marlon and Bernice
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Theres a lot of meddling going on in Emmerdale village as Leanna Cavanagh and Gabby Thomas strive to break up Bernice Blackstock and Dr Cavanagh while Clive is plotting to frame Frank Clayton and Graham Foster is planning to expose Cain Dingles role in Joe Tates death.

Elsewhere, Rodney Blackstock and Eric Pollard are also up to no good as they try to pull the wool over Faith Dingles eyes while Charity Dingle tries everything she can to cover up the fact that she has messed up looking after the kids from Vanessa Woodfield. But it leads to some understanding and a big step in their relationship.

Meanwhile, theres romantic hope for Marlon Dingle while Maya Stepney struggles with Jacob Gallaghers feelings for her.

10 Emmerdale spoilers

  • A drunken Graham makes a pass at Megan but is rejected.
  • Clive plans to frame Frank as the art con gets underway but Leyla finds out.
  • Marlons declaration of love throws Jessie and she admits she isnt over the death of her first husband.
  • Bernice is left humiliated when Leanna and Gabby come between her and Dr Cavanagh.
  • Charity is mortified when Moses and Johnny are locked in the cellar while under her care.
  • Graham drives Noah to Butlers Farm and declares he will get answers about Joe from Cain.
  • Maya is in turmoil as she realises the depth of Jacobs feelings for her.
  • Faith gives Eric an ultimatum over hanging out with Rodney so they form a plan.
  • Leanna dares Noah to steal a bottle of vodka to outdo a rival school gang.
  • Charity and Vanessa decide to move in together.

Monday 26th November

Clive plots in Emmerdale
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Leyla announces that she will be Frank and Clives getaway driver for the scam driver but when she realises Clive plans to frame Frank, she has a decision to make.

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Marlon declares his love to Jessie via the medium of Christmas lights while theres disharmony when Gabby and Leanna plot to break Liam and Bernice up.

Faith is annoyed to see Rodney and Eric spending time together.

Tuesday 27th November

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Marlon offers to help Jessie find closure over her first husband by helping her scatter his ashes but as they discuss everything, will Jessie reciprocate Marlons declaration of love?

Gabby tells Liam that Bernice expects commitment while Megan wants nothing more to do with Frank after the scam. Faith leaves Eric with a choice to make – her or Rodney.

Wednesday 28th November

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Leanna convinces Bernice that she has made the wrong choice of dress for the gala but when Bernice turns up in a ghastly gown, Liam is horrified and Bernice insists she has been set up by his daughter. Nicola uses Grahams alcoholism to her advantage and tempts him with more wine.

Thursday 29th November Part One

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Charity is determined to prove herself when she has Moses and Johnny for the day but when Marlon comes in, he is horrified to see she has painted their faces with permanent paint.

Graham takes Noah on a worrying ride in his car and when they end up at Butlers Farm, it is implied that Cain knows more about what happened to Joe than he is letting on.

Bernice fears that she has lost Liam.

Thursday 29th November Part Two

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Grahams words leave Debbie and Noah stunned but will Cains secret be exposed?

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Charity is mortified when the kids get locked in the cellar but when Vanessa finds out, she laughs it off as typical Charity. Meanwhile, Noah is roped in to doing dares by Leanna.

Friday 30th November

Charity and Vanessa kiss in Emmerdale
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Charity is stung when Vanessa makes a joke about her mothering skills but Vanessa reassures her that all mothers make mistakes. Charity then suggests they move in together.

Maya overhears Jacob inviting Liv to the cinema while Leanna dares Noah to steal a bottle of vodka.

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