The Gareth Southgate Christmas jumper is the only thing you need this festive season

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Christmas jumpers are often very silly.

Just look at this one, which is designed for a couple to wear together. But this year, theres a different Christmas jumper on offer. A Christmas jumper with some class. A Christmas jumper with some dignity.

(Picture: Not Just)

Its inspired by Gareth Southgate, our collective beloved, the man who nurtured us and held us close during the shining weeks in the summer when it was warm and we all pretended we really believed that football was coming home.

Theres no need to dwell on how that worked out, but instead, imagine this. Its cold outside, and youre swathed in the very essence of Gareth himself.

(Picture: Not Just)

The jumper features a waistcoat and tie design, made popular by GS, a snappy dresser even in the most stressful moments of his career.



Its made by Not Just and it costs £34.99. Not Just say that it comes up quite fitted, so if you want space to fit some mince pies under your Gareth tribute, you might want to size up.

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