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ThePlace: Umluj, the Saudi Arabian Maldives

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Umluj Saudi Arabia has no shortage of breathtaking scenery and landscapes that look like paintings brought to life. A perfect example of this is the picturesque beaches of Umluj.
Umluj is a city in the Tabuk province that spreads 150 kilometers north of Yanbu and contains 104 islands.
With clear, turquoise waters, white silk-like sand, serene peace and quiet and a lack of crowds, it is no surprise that the citys beaches have helped earn the area the description of the “Saudi Arabian Maldives,” or that it forms part of the Red Sea tourism project that is underway.
Umluj is a dream destination for nature lovers, as it is on the route of many migrating birds and marine creatures. The waters are so clear that you can view aquatic life exceptionally clearly. No large ships or ferries are allowed in the area, only small boats on which visitors can explore the waters or go fishing. Marine life is so abundant that you do not have to venture far from shore to see it, as there is plenty to observe even in shallow waters. In the off-season, you might find you have the whole beach to yourself, where you can enjoy mild weather and year-round sun.
Away from the sand, the local people you will meet are extremely laid back and hospitable, and there are many natural springs.
Though still something of a hidden treasure — many cannot believe that such beaches exist in the Kingdom — Umluj is increasingly attracting local and international tourists and its popularity is growing. As the Red Sea project progresses, this is sure to continue, so now is the perfect time to enjoy the unspoiled beaches and stress-free atmosphere before the word gets out and the crowds start to descend.

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