Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsleys shocking confession to destroy Leanne

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Nick Tilsley has been hiding a lot of secrets since his return to Coronation Street where he has reunited with ex Leanne Battersby – and the truth about his secret wife Elsa could be set to shatter their future for good.

Carla Connor is onto Nick, having discovered his business in Nottingham and after some subsequent digging, she came face to face with Elsa herself, who had turned up in Weatherfield to find out where her husband has been.

Nick has been replanting his roots in the area by getting things back on track with Leanne and investing in Underworld alongside his other ex Carla and understandably, Elsa wants answers. With the truth about what he has done revealed to Carla, Nick fears that Leanne will be next to discover the truth and Carla now has some bargaining chips.

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(Picture: ITV)

But next week, Nick will try to stay one step ahead by opening up about his recent romantic history to Leanne. However, he omits some pretty vital details – including his marriage to Elsa. Thats one slippery memory youve got there, Nick!

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Nick then curries more favour with Leanne when he is the one to talk some sense into Simon Barlow, who is keen to join the navy and drop his A-Levels. Nick persuades him to focus on his education first and then examine going into the navy after he has done his exams and Leanne is relieved that he has managed to get through.

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To celebrate, she grabs a bottle of wine in Devs and gushes to Tracy about how Nick sorted the issue. Elsa is nearby and her ears prick up when she hears Nicks name. She follows Leanne back to the flat where the couple are planning a night of passion.

They are interrupted by Elsas visit and the game is finally up for Nick. But as he is forced to make a staggering confession, will his duplicity destroy Leanne and cause her to kick him out of her life for good?

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