The Brexit Department pulled off the fastest ever political U-turn – the only 11 reactions you need to read

Dominic Raab, the head of the Department for Exiting the EU, wrote a letter stating that he expects a Brexit deal to be finalised by November 21st.

Dominic Raab has told MPs in a letter he thinks there will be a deal finalised by 21st nov – No 10 trying to play that down – hear decision about having a Nov summit likely to be taken in next week – pretty unclear

— Laura Kuenssberg (@bbclaurak) October 31, 2018

This basically means that he has three weeks to invent the technology required to make the UKs plan for the Irish Border workable. It seems a tad ambitious, but who are we to pour scorn on his plans when his own department is ready to do it?

Dominic Raab may have been a little over eager in his wording. His department have just issued an urgent statement…

— Dan Bloom (@danbloom1) October 31, 2018

Of course, the Brexit Department werent the only ones feeling doubtful.


So Dominic Raab wrote to MPs today to say he thinks a Brexit deal will be finalised by 21st November.

Fairly soon after his department released a statement to say it was a mistake and that “there is no set date for the negotiations to conclude".


— Shehab Khan (@ShehabKhan) October 31, 2018


I can't decide which part of this is more unlikely: that a deal will be reached by November 21st, or that Dominic Raab thinks.

— Stephen Farrow #FBPE (@stephenfarrow) October 31, 2018


Dominic Raab said he's organising a party in his local brewery. His department issued a statement saying he couldn't. Shambles doesnt even begin to cover it.

— jaycee brown (@jayceebrownbook) October 31, 2018


Clever. Doesnt say which year.

— John Rain (@MrKenShabby) October 31, 2018


So it turns out that the man responsible for negotiating Brexit cannot even negotiate attending a select committee hearing without his department and No10 having to clarify what he means ??‍♂️

— Labour Whips (@labourwhips) October 31, 2018


Or to paraphrase, the cabinet has no idea whats going on.

— Peter Grant MP (@PeterGrantMP) October 31, 2018


This must be one of the quickest u-turns in political history. @DominicRaab told MPs that a Brexit deal would be done by the end of November. Three hours later his own department was forced to correct the record. What a mess.

— Keir Starmer (@Keir_Starmer) October 31, 2018


Great! #BrexitSorted

— Simon Carswell (@SiCarswell) October 31, 2018


Dominic Raab is making David Davis look competent. Which is quite a fucking achievement

— Sir Andy Murray (@mrsbiltawulf) October 31, 2018


In 2011 Raab claimed "feminists are now amongst the most obnoxious bigots", & in 2017 he said "The typical user of a foodbank is not someone thats languishing in poverty, its someone who has a cash flow problem episodically". Not convinced we should listen to anything he says.

— russjackson (@docrussjackson) October 31, 2018


BREAKING: Brexit Dept issues completely non-humiliating clarification to Brexit Secretary's earlier suggestion that a deal is nearly done.

— Robert Hutton (@RobDotHutton) October 31, 2018

Mr. Raab might need to look over his shoulder, because somebodys paying close attention.

Brexit deal by November 21. Well hold you to that, @DominicRaab.

— Shadow Brexit Team (@ShadowBrexit) October 31, 2018


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