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Saudi delegation at UN stresses on kingdoms keenness to protect human rights

Mon, 2018-11-05 01:45

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia's permanent delegation to the United Nations has stressed on the Kingdoms keenness to the implementation and protection of human rights.

In a statement read during the UN Human Rights Council meeting on agenda item 69, the kingdom stressed on its implementation of measures and systems that are related to human rights, modernizing the judiciary and criminal justice systems, the independence of public prosecution, establishing the Saudi Lawyers' Association, a Family Affairs Council and a system for civil associations and NGOs.

The statement read by Mona Abdel Moneim Al-Shafei, Third Secretary at the Saudi mission at the UN, said: “ Promoting and protecting human rights is one of the Kingodms priorities and is guaranteed for everyone.

“It is not permissible to restrict, arrest or imprison anyone except under the provisions of law. Any act can be criminalized only on the basis of pre-defined legal texts and systems.

“All citizens and residents enjoy their rights and exercise their freedoms without discrimination in accordance with laws in force in the Kingdom.”

“Those whose rights are violated can file a complaint in accordance with the available equity system.”

The statement noted Saudi Arabias keenness to cooperate with the United Nations, the international community and international organizations and bodies in order to contribute to the promotion of human rights in what is in line with Islamic teachings and jurisdiction.

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