The editor of Waitrose magazine has stepped down after making this vegan joke and people are divided

The editor of Waitrose Food magazine, William Sitwell, has resigned after a vegan freelance journalist got in touch to suggest a series of plant-based meal ideas and he replied like this.

People said at the time that it looked like he was (vegan) toast and now he is. Heres what Waitrose said today.

We have been informed by John Brown Media, who produce the Waitrose & Partners Food Magazine, that William Sitwell is stepping down as Editor of Waitrose & Partners Food magazine with immediate effect.

In the light of Williams recent email remarks, weve told John Brown Media that we believe this is the right and proper move – we will be working with them to appoint a new editor for the magazine.

We have had a relationship with William for almost 20 years and are grateful for his contribution to our business over that time.

And lots of people thought it was ridiculous that he had to go. People like this, for instance.

I have great sympathy for William Sitwell. It was a stupid email but should not be a career-ender. Vegans are not a race or a gender or a sexual orientation or a differently abled group. They just choose to eat plants. You should be able to take the piss and not lose your job.

— Giles Coren (@gilescoren) October 31, 2018

He sounds like a twat, but people being forced to resign for bad email jokes is pathetic. Grow up, 2018 (and all the other years weve been doing this)

— Marina Hyde (@MarinaHyde) October 31, 2018

The tofu taliban have struck again. Yes, it was a plonkerish thing to say and particularly to send in an email. But, god, if we all lost our jobs for poking fun at vegans, many of us would be on the streets

— Harry Wallop (@hwallop) October 31, 2018

And then there were people like this who thought it was only right and proper that he went.

This felt inevitable. They didnt really come across as a joke – especially given they were sent to a stranger – but rather kinda creepy.

— James Ball (@jamesrbuk) October 31, 2018

And we think were with him. What about you?


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