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Saudi public sector workers bonuses reinstated 

Author: Tue, 2018-10-23 04:13

JEDDAH: King Salman has reinstated annual bonuses to Saudi Arabias government workers, a cabinet members said on Monday.

The bonuses will be what they previously were and procedures pertaining to them unchanged, the countrys Civil Service minister Sulaiman Al-Hamdan said.

The resumption of the rewards will be at the beginning of 2019 and will apply to all government employees, the minister told Al Arabiya News Channel.

“The Ministry of Civil Service has been tasked along with the Ministry of Finance and several other agencies to prepare an integrated study on the annual bonus and its impact.

“A comprehensive study has been prepared and several simulation programs have been developed for many assumptions. These were presented to the Finance Committee under the chairmanship of the crown prince.

“I thank the king and the crown prince on behalf of government employees for issuing this royal decree, which reflects their keenness to improve the performance of the government sector,” he said.

In April 2017, King Salman had issued a royal decree restoring bonuses and allowances for civil servants and military personnel that had been cut under austerity measures in September 2016.

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