Hollyoaks spoilers: All over for Ste Hay and Harry Thompson? Kieron Richardson and Parry Glasspool reveal all

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Its a debate that certainly divides the Hollyoaks fandom – does Harry Thompson belong with Ste Hay or James Nightingale? He is about to walk up the aisle with Ste but there is no denying the depth of his feelings for James and vice versa.

Trouble is looming as James prepares to expose the affair to the gathered guests and an oblivious Ste but will the wedding go ahead without a glitch? Or will Harry end up in the arms of James, with Ste being left angry and betrayed?

Here, Kieron Richardson and Parry Glasspool reveal what is coming up:

Can you tell us what happens this week with Harry on Hollyoaks?

Parry: Harry is torn between his love for both Ste and James. He goes along with the wedding, but is still full of uncertainty. Then the storm comes…

Kieron: Its third time lucky for Ste in terms of marriage, but Ste has no luck in his life, naturally its doomed. Starry have to watch out for the weather, a certain Mr Nightingale, and the return of a scouse ex!

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Do you think Harry and Ste have true feelings for each other?

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Parry: Harry loves Ste, and he sees him as part of his family now, along with the two kids, but James has just thrown a spanner in the works. He has to re-evaluate who he loves more, and also what the right thing to do is.

Kieron: I think Ste has feelings for Harry, but its more about lust then actual love. Relationships always have cracks, but no amount of bandages can keep them together.

Parry: Harry wants to marry Ste, but at this point its only to keep his family stable, as Dee Dees health is still deteriorating.

Why does Harry keep going back to James?

Parry: James has that certain something that keeps anyone coming back for more! Love is a weird thing, and once it gets into your head, you cant think of anything but that! And in Harrys case, thats James Nightingale. I think Harry likes Jamess intelligence, and the fact that hes a bit of a bad boy at heart – Harry has a habit for bad boy types it seems!

Does Ste suspect anything suspicious?

Kieron: Personally, I feel like Stes not the brightest anyway, which has been quite convenient with the blatant affair going on under his nose!

Is Harry terrified of James ruining the wedding?

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Parry: No! In fact, the opposite. He kind of wants James to spoil the wedding, so he can have an excuse to not go along with it. Ideally, he wants someone else to make up his mind for him, because he doesnt want to be blamed for ruining someones life.

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How would Ste react if he found out about the affair?

Kieron: Stes got a natural temper, which is his go to, every time something like that happens.

Why has it been so important for the wedding to go ahead?

Kieron: Its nice for the Hutchinsons to have something to smile about, and a wedding is a great way to celebrate.

Parry: It has been important for the familys sake. Theres enough heartbreak going on, with Dee Dee being sick, that this has to happen.

Kieron: However, Its a wedding and its Hollyoaks. There is always drama at wedding…

How does Harry feel about Sinead being back in the village?

Parry: Im not sure he knows how to feel! Given the way he kind of stole her man…

Kieron: I think the audience will see that theres so much going on in the storm, that the return of Sinead is a light relief in comparison to the destruction.

How was it filming storm week?

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Parry: It was awesome, very wet, cold and dark, but still awesome. Ive never done anything like it, so it was a great new experience. I cant wait for people to see it.

What is your off-screen relationship like with each other?

Parry: Great! I say this all the time, but Kieron is such a pro. I learn something new every time I get to work with him. He always pulls a great performance out the bag.


Kieron: Parrys like an annoying little brother. Im quite protective of Starry, but I know deep down Jarry is a more suited couple.

If you could play any other character, who would it be and why?

Kieron: Id normally say Darren Osbourne, but since the return of Steph Davis, Id say Sinead. Following her return, the audience now get to see how iconic the character is.

Parry: I think if I was older, Id try and swap with either Ste or James. They both have completely different characters, but look really fun to play! Who doesnt want to be a bad boy for life!?

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