Sorry mom: Daredevil apologizes for almost accidentally killing himself in waterfall leap (VIDEO)

A British daredevil who jumped from the precipice of the UKs most powerful waterfall said hes lucky to be alive after being held under the surface by the force of the current.

Matty Harper plunged more than 62 feet (19 meters) from a rocky outcrop at the aptly named High Force waterfall in Tessdale, Co Durham last Sunday. The 25-year-old adrenaline junky visited the beauty spot with the explicit intention of executing the impressive jump, which, for gymnastics fans out there, is called a half turn tsukahara leap.

Video footage of his incredibly dangerous jump has now surfaced online thanks to a passerby, who filmed the daring stunt on their phone. Harper has now come forward to tell how he regrets the jump after he was nearly killed by the power of the water.

“This is the biggest double flip Ive ever sent however the current held me under for a while and I really struggled to get out,” he posted online.

“Im honestly lucky to be here still! I strongly advise no body to jump this waterfall! Stay safe. Sorry mum,” he added.

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