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FaceOf: Nasser Alkahtani, executive director of the Arab Gulf Development Program

Wed, 2018-10-17 21:51

Nasser Alkahtani is the executive director of the Arab Gulf Development Program (AGFUND), tasked with initiating and improving neutral and independent efforts in human development that contribute to achieving sustainable development goals.

He has contributed to these goals through his leadership at AGFUND and through incorporating his skills as an expert and leader in human development in the region.

During a press conference at the UN headquarters in Geneva this week, as part of the 7th AGFUND Development Forum, Alkahtani emphasized the consistency of AGFUNDs strategy with the UNs development efforts, and said the AGFUND program was particularly interested in the UNs Sustainable Development agenda 2030, with 17 goals and 168 development targets.

Alkahtani earned his bachelors degree in accounting from King Abdul Aziz University in 1984. He was awarded his masters degree in professional accounting from the University of Miami in 1989.

Alkahtani has held his position as CEO and board member of AGFUND since 1995, providing overall leadership and guidance to AGFUNDs various departments and staff to achieve its vision, mission and objectives.

Considered one of the most distinguished Arab leaders in international development, Alkahtani has assumed a number of advisory positions and membership of several boards in both the public and private sectors. Along with serving as CEO of AGFUND, Alkahtani was the director of Gulf Navigation Holding PJSC through January 2016.

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