Hollyoaks spoilers: Romance as Lily Drinkwell risks her life to save Romeo Quinn?

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The storm has well and truly arrived in Hollyoaks, and as Romeo Quinn finds his life in danger after a difficult and complicated day, will his married crush Lily McQueen develop any feelings for him as she risks her own life to come to the rescue?

Young lovers Lily and Prince seemed destined to be together when they were married, despite coming to breaking point over Princes one night stand with Lilys best friend Peri. The couple moved in to their own home and began their lives together.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

When Princes friend Romeo needed a place to stay, they were ready to share with him what little theyve got, and as Prince and Romeo took on harebrained schemes together, the depth of their friendship only grew. Unfortunately, the same can be said of Romeos feelings for his friends wife Lily.

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Having spent a day in close proximity to his father James, who isnt aware of the connection between them, and struggling to find the courage to tell him, Romeo is emotionally exhausted. When he finds Lily alone, and admits his feelings for her, his day becomes that much more complicated and he makes himself scarce.

Being outside alone, though, is a dangerous thing to do when a building-toppling storm sweeps through the village, and as Romeo struggles to find refuge from the weather, Lily spots him and immediately slips away from Prince to rescue him.

Is Lilys concern for Romeo and her secrecy an admission that she feels something more for Romeo? How will the pair fare in the storm together?

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