Hollyoaks spoilers: Ste Hay marries cheating Harry Thompson but will the truth come out?

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Its the perfect week for a Hollyoaks wedding, and as Ste Hay suits up to marry his soulmate and complete his family, Harry gets ready to wed to keep his family happy and cover up his affair. With so much waiting to go wrong, how long will this union last?

The wedding is all arranged. Lily is putting the finishing touches on the decorations, both grooms are present and The Dog is in charge of the catering. It seems like nothing could go wrong! Thats not to say there arent any understandable bumps in the road – with Dee Dee still incredibly ill, Ste seriously considers postponing until Tony convinces him otherwise. But largely, things are all set.

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James Nightingale has other plans, desperate to expose the affair hes been having with Harry in mix of revenge and desperation to be with the man he loves. Hes unknowingly enlisted his own long lost son, Romeo Quinn, to put photos of James and Harry kissing into all the wedding gift bags – as the pair bond over the evil scheme, could this be the perfect moment for Romeo to reveal the reality of their relationship to a man whose own father was so cruel to him?

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Meanwhile, the catering might not be as sorted as it first seemed – when Scott checks that Mercedes has got all the food sorted and she says yes, she might be telling a tiny white lie. Goldie never passed on the message to her about the food, and theres not a single morsel of anything ready for the guests!

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Despite all that, Ste and Harry go through with the wedding – just in time for the storm to arrive. As the newly married couple venture out into the dangerous weather on their honeymoon, will they both survive the winds that threaten to sweep half the village away?

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Or perhaps the truth of Harrys infidelity might finally be revealed when wedding guests open their gift bags…

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