Coronation Street spoilers: Jane Danson reveals Leanne and Nick future after death crash

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Leanne Tilsley has had one hell of a week in Coronation Street. After being attacked by a vengeful Tracy Barlow at the wedding, she was then left fighting for her life after being caught up in Ronans quest for revenge against Ryan and Michelle Connor.

And as Leanne recovers in hospital, her next of kin, Nick Tilsley, was the one to arrive by her side. So, whats next?

Jane Danson told This paves the way for the next chapter in Leannes life. Shes in hospital and shes in pretty bad shape so its how she will deal with that – will she be the same Leanne she has always been? Leanne gets up, dusts herself up and cracks on but Nick left when she was prepared to fix everything. Theres potentially a lot to forgive – whether they can just hook up whether they left off remains to be seen. She was just getting on with life and it all comes crashing down again. Theres lots more stories.

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But does Jane reckon that Leanne and Nick potentially have a future together? She mused: I think its a tough one – Leanne has never had happiness for very long but whatever happens, Nick is the one she leans towards. Id just like to see her happy for more than a few weeks! But with Gail not liking Leanne and also Carla and Peter in the background, its never going to be easy for them. Im hoping theres a way they can stay together.

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And what about her reaction to Michelle and Tracy after everything that has happened? Could there be further showdowns? Jane shared: Like most of the characters in the show, theyre all really flawed – none more so than Leanne. Leanne and Tracy have history and so do Leanne and Michelle so it all kind of twirls around each other all the time. We dont always address things with apologies but it paves the way for more things in the future. It will be interesting to see if theres any forgiveness on any of the situations. Theyve all played their parts.

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