Nissan warns that a No Deal Brexit might apply the brakes – the only 7 reactions you need to read

Car manufacturer Nissan has warned that a failure to secure a deal with the EU before Brexit would seriously disrupt the UK car industry, including for their 38,000-strong Sunderland workforce.

#Brexit warning: Japanese car manufacturer Nissan says a 'No Deal' Brexit would cause 'serious disruption' to its UK operations. 38,000 British jobs are supported by the car builder.

— Good Morning Britain (@GMB) October 4, 2018

Its not exactly new information, but it is the latest such warning and people have been reacting to the information in different ways.

These people, amongst others, werent worried by the companys statement.

british manufacturing has been destroyed by the eu in the 1st place dont remainers understand this? i wish they would big up britain or move to europe ?

— J.A.W ?? (@ScarletzCaptain) October 4, 2018

Here we go again another big firm tryin to scare peeps personally I couldn't give a dam if firms loose business or move it abroad I want our country bak to being great Britain/England run by our own laws/rules

— scott holland (@yagaboi76) October 4, 2018

However, some were far more concerned.


Roses are red
The Tories dont listen
They press on with Brexit
And prompt this from Nissan.

Happy #NationalPoetryDay!?

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) October 4, 2018


The snake oil merchants who sold Brexit to the public have to face serious questions. Thousands of jobs are at risk, meaning families will suffer. Nissan is just the latest manufacturer to warn against this car crash.

— David Lammy (@DavidLammy) October 4, 2018


This, from Nissan chief exec Carlos Ghosn, is the result of covering Brexit with utterly bogus 'balance'. What an epic failure of journalism,
"We are preparing for the worst but I do not want to tell you how we are preparing because you will say I am just trying to scare people."

— James O'Brien (@mrjamesob) October 4, 2018


A few months ago on the @NE4EU stall outside the Bridges in Sunderland, I had a conversation with a a very polite, nice Leave voter who said "Yeah, but Nissan will never leave here. They've too much invested. We make them too much money."

— Steve Bullock (@GuitarMoog) October 4, 2018


Nissan do not like getting publicly involved in politics.

This is a BIG warning.

— David Henig (@DavidHenigUK) October 4, 2018

6. Twitter user @ORLYSheepboy had a solution to the problem.

Stop talking Britain down. If we all just hoped a little bit more brexit would be a success. I hoped for dinner last night and it didn't appear because of you remoaners.

— Graeme (@ORLYSheepboy) October 4, 2018

7. Otto English singled out one particular Leave supporters interaction.

38,000 Nissan jobs at risk.

A squirrel reacts.

— Otto English (@Otto_English) October 4, 2018

Finally, amidst the doom and gloom, someone had good news for at least one sector.



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