Underwear addict buys almost £3000 worth of bras, lingerie and knickers a year

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Most of us feel pretty fantastic if we manage to match our bra with our underwear.

Blogger Ellie Hatfull, however, has over 150 pairs of bras and knickers to choose from and she always makes the effort to pair them properly.

The self-described lingerie addict from Sydney, Australia, has spent £2,600 on underwear this year.

The 27-year-old noticed she was building an impressive collection of fancy garments and decided to showcase it all on her Instagram page, Lace and Haze.

And her 41,000-strong followers love to see the new bralettes, suspender belts, and undies that Ellie regularly tries on.

But Ellie admits that sometimes her underwear has got her in trouble – particularly at work.



Management comes by and comments on how my outfit is not work appropriate. Something along the lines of “underwear is not meant to be on show” and “I can see your bra”, she wrote on her blog.

Her interest in underwear began when she was a girl and became fascinated by the world of fashion. As well as becoming more body positive as a result of her addiction, she said she also enjoys the taboo aspect of it.

Because of these restrictions, I started channeling my personal style through my lingerie, she told Daily Mail.

No one would see it, but it would make me feel good to wear something that I knew was true to myself.

You dont wake up one day and just decide to be positive about your body – its a slow process unlearning all the lessons and expectations youve been told before.

Your body constantly changes and so your mindset has to grow and expand as well.

For me personally, I became body positive when I started to wear lingerie. It made me feel good, like a form of self-care.

I know when Im wearing beautiful lingerie I am a better version of myself; if you feel good on the inside, it carries onto other aspects of your life.



Ellie told her followers that she quit her day job so she could focus on maintaining her Instagram page and what she is passionate about.

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