Art duo exhibit their works at Western Plains Cultural Centre

Artworks by Lynn Hodge and Lyn Quinton decorated the walls at the Western Plains Cultural Centre in Dubbo at the official opening of their month-long exhibition Our Places and Spaces last Saturday.

OUR PLACES: Nyngan's Lynn Hodge and Lyn Quinton at the opening of their exhibition in Dubbo last Saturday. Photo: ZAARKACHA MARLAN

A huge crowd gathered at the Cultural Centre to view the works by the Nyngan artists, who were humbled by the amount of visitors who travelled over 170 kilometres from Nyngan to celebrate the opening.

“Were really happy with it, and we were just tickled pink that we had so many people from Nyngan turn up, it was just really lovely,” Mrs Quinton said.


Mrs Quinton said they had spent 10 months creating the works for the exhibition, which showcases landscapes and images from around the area. Artworks of old cars, the Bogan river and Macquarie Marshes were just a few of the themes on display in both acrylic and graphite at the gallery.

Mrs Hodge said it is her love for outback rivers and the natural life they support that inspired her for this body of work.

“With my husbands encouragement, his expertise in photography and the building of our steam launch (Matilda) we roam the western rivers, which provides me with the inspiration of this subject,” she said.

Mrs Quinton said the pair will be displaying their works along with works by their art class in an art exhibition in Nyngan next year.

“About this time next year, we are definitely going to have a local art exhibition …with our local girls and all of our works, so it will be a big one.”

“I have organised quite a few over the years, I havent done one for about 10 years, but I know the ins and outs of it all. Hopefully we will have a lot of support,” she said.

The pair host an adult art class each Thursday evening at the Barnardos building, and said they are always looking for new members to come along and try out their creative skills.

“We would love new people to come along, we have a lot of people with a lot of talent. We do it on a Thursday night to try and cater for the ones that work during the day,” Mrs Quinton said.

“Between us, the students get a whole range of mediums and ideas to work with. Im the shell be right, it will work out person, whilst Lynn has the planning the work side of our teaching partnership organised.”

“In the end what they get from me and what they get from Lynn are put in a big pot and they stir it all up and take out what they want, and we can see a little bit of each of our own style in their drawings and its really lovely to see. We get a real kick out it.”

“Im sure at times she would like to turf me out of the room, but regardless of this we have been friends for many years and bounce ideas around constantly.”


Nyngan Observer


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