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Saudi culture society launches institute for arts and culture training

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JEDDAH: The Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts (SASCA) is launching a training institute to promote culture and arts, in a new initiative to develop performance and technical skills.
The “Institute of Culture and Arts for Training” or "Thaqqif" is aimed at creating an environment conducive to the advancement of culture and arts in the Kingdom.
Omar Saif, chairman of SASCA said “the institute aims to fulfill the Kingdoms Vision 2030 to support talents in culture and arts, and invest their talents and energies, while creating opportunities and various options in culture and arts field.”
Saif said the aim of establishing the institute is to create an official reference to issue accreditation licenses for training talents in the field of culture and arts in the Kingdom.
The institute seeks to offer courses and programs in fine arts, photography, calligraphy, digital arts and design, as well as programs in art writing, music, theater and folklore arts, filmmaking, and cinema.
The first courses will be launched in November, and will cover all of SASCA's branches, under the supervision of a specialized team in each branch.
SASCA was established in 1973 as a civil society institution to be the first sponsor of all cultural and artistic activities in the Saudi Arabia.

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