Dress up as your failed relationship this Halloween with this ghosted dress

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Weve written about many dating trends over the past couple of years: submarining, fishing, zombieing and of course ghosting – where it all started.

For those who dont know (and seriously, its 2018 people, where have you been?) ghosting is where the person youre dating or talking to pretty much vanishes out of thin air.

No texts, no calls, no answers, no nothing.

For some, being ghosted by someone you really like is the stuff of nightmares – and unfortunately a pretty regular thing for millennial daters.

But, you can now channel your dating disaster into your clothing this Halloween – as one online store has just released the ultimate ghosting themed dress.

Party City is selling the Womens Ghosted Costume – for anyone whos been ghosted or who has ghosted someone.


(Picture: PartyCity)

The dress is white and comes with a jagged design, and features a number of sent iPhone messages from someone being ignored – including R U OK!?, See u tonight? and Guess not.



Heartbreaking, we know.

The dress costs $24.99 (£18.99) – though if you dont fancy paying that price, you could always recreate it yourself by finding an old white dress and sticking some cut-out messages on it (you could even personalise it with your own ghosted messages, if you fancy going all out).


(Picture: PartyCity)

This dress wont be for everyone – but anyone who does wear it will definitely be in with a chance of winning Best Dressed.

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Just dont go drunk calling the person who ghosted you.

That really is the stuff of nightmares.

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